10-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda people cant tell smartass or sincere gift
cats hopping onto bed aim for the bladder
kids on cell phone arent supposed to say trick or treat
streaming services paid ads amazon hbo hulu netflix pooh
democrat republicans fault all equally worthless
evolution american left then now question authority if do racist masks
old woman titanic money bank in my memories
joe biden who to blame israel palestine climate change
fast food burger from phd history philosophy english literature
jan 6th riots voices of the unheard liberal literally insurrection
babylon bee fund two wars yellen friends discount raytheon
harvard students for hamas anti lgbtq religion women speech
bidenomics dog commander mean destructive unpredictable
biden ice cream doxxed entire delta force team
joe biden 6 billion iran embracing israel
babylon bee cnn blames fog pf war gaza other inaccurate reporting
jan 6th darkest day in history hamas protest stunning and brave

Message of the Day

message success iceberg hard work rejections discipline

Social Media Posts of the Day

x hoa homeowners complaint read handbook snitching neighbors
x dad showed kids etch a sketch caveman ipad
x dracula giving son talk monster mash

Can We Find a Third War to Fund?

military contractor stocks last 5 days israel attack

Biden to seek ‘unprecedented’ Israel aid package

Quote of the Day

quote brezinski public unable to reason think for themselves parrot news 1972

Reminder on RFK, Jr.

While many of us admire RFK’s advocacy of free speech, anti-Establishment, and medical freedom, let’s remember that he is hard left in most of his political positions. There is little doubt he’d continue the unabated growth of government & spending. Still, isn’t it interesting that even though the mainstream media, Democrat Party, Big Tech fascists, and entertainment industry agree with him on 95% of the issues, the fact he opposes Covid tyranny and supports free speech is enough for all of them to launch a massive campaign to destroy him only exceeded in ferocity by the one on Trump? 🤔

x rfk reparations for slavery left

DC Swamp Members Will Not Go Gently Into That Goodnight

list of republicans not supporting jim jordan

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One thought on “10-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. No matter what he says, at the end of the day RFK Jr. will always be two things: A flaming liberal & a Kennedy.

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