10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

coach no more arguing whining complaining parents
sarah connor seeing you fail captcha 3rd time robot terminator
baby yoda video deal with coworkers boss kickboxing
banya seinfeld know about taylor swift travis kelce you should
shrink psychiatrist people like stupid posts in the room with us
governments auditing poor people vs the fed
mystical chinese man claims predict future fondline womans breasts anakin learn this power
npc liberals people are bad in charge others
unfit joe biden 2024 creepy confused clown nightmarish behavior
parents in 30s buy house now new chapter revelations
statue of liberty 100 years apart rising sea levels climate change
babylon bee terrifying haunted house just displays current gas grocery prices
biden tells hamas shoot straighter
biden let tlaib words you seem measured well informed honest
dems stab you from front rinos stab in back

Social Media Posts of the Day

x wife yelling amazon alexa not listening bonding
x publish study red meat outrage harvard syrups targeting children
x james wood jews for palestine one way ticket
x gaetz 100 congressional republicans vote jordan public knifed him anonymous vote secret

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Maybe It’s Just “Transitory” 🙄

us fiscal year budget deficit trillions yellen

This is NOT that complicated: Expenses – Revenues = Deficit. In business, the first two numbers are flipped, which should tell you how pathetically bad government manages money. The Biden Administration has supercharged an already-overspending government, and now he wants to add even more by indefinitely funding two wars (and probably more before his term is over). As for revenue, despite higher tax rates, total revenue is plummeting. Why?…because his policies are slashing investor earnings and business profits. In other words, there’s less of a taxable income base to steal. It doesn’t matter how high tax rates are if income is disportionally reduced. For example, 25% X $1 million = $250,000; 50% X $0 = $0. Just a reminder, Trump tax cuts are set to expire in January 2025. Contrary to the mainstream media portrayal, this will hit ALL tax brackets, from minimum wage workers to CEOs. Hmmm…I wonder why they scheduled the expiration for January 2025? Can anyone explain, class? 🤔

how you look defending taxation got robbed awesome

10 Reasons Why Raising Tax Rates Decrease Total Revenue (and Vice Versa)
11 Reasons Government is Less Efficient Than the Private Sector

Quote of the Day

quote da vinci nothing strengthens authority so much as silence

Message of the Day

message some black sheep just rebels with a cause

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One thought on “10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. “I wonder why they scheduled the expiration for January 2025? Can anyone explain, class?”

    I don’t have any class, but here goes anyway.

    Someone just won (or stole) an election. Now he (or she) is going to be the person who has to tell us poor pee-ons, “Tax cuts are ending, your take-home pittance is going to shrink.”

    “So what I’m going to tell Congress is…”

    (i) “Hey IRS, jack up the tax rates, we need the money. Congress can go take a long walk on a short pier, I make the laws here.”

    or a ‘Business is the business of America’ semi-gentleman will say,

    (ii) “Extend the tax cuts four more years.”

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