10-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda didnt mean to make expression out loud
doing crunches floor dog cuddle time nose
millenials born too soon explore space too late buy home finance dominoes pizza
palpatine 51 percent population enslave other 49 percent i love democracy
joker why do you meme more sane screaming with sign street
bidenomics inflation biting neck americans dracula sucking blood
superman drinking when truth justice no longer american way
doctors depressed here medication suicidal thoughts
biden maga extremists free speech borders must be stopped
they grow up so fast chucky girl taylor swift
babylon bee man tells son good old days streaming services good shows to watch
biden torching middle east iran policy saving squirt gun
people when the middle east is unstable for 3450 year in a row

Social Media Posts of the Day

x no one warned late for place dont want to be
x ran out of alcohol dad money vodka filled water life bite
x republican voters never going back to rino warmonger neocon establishment
x fbi top terrorist threats maga meme makers pronoun climate change deniers

Quote of the Day

quote justin amash admitting both parties trash constitution authoritarian

Message of the Day

message if we are fighting each other cant fight enemy ruling class

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Hmmm…How Can We Subtly Know There Are Non-Heterosexual People Out There? 🤔

x mark your calendar lgbtq holiday pride calendar

That’s clearly not enough, though. To be sure, we should add LGBTQ characters unrelated to the plot to every new Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple+, and other streaming series until the end of time. 👍

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One thought on “10-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Yes, unfortunately these transgender lgbtq people are having so many issues with themselves that in the present days want to make it our problem the ‘normal” people .From what I saw they are having mental problems many of them. I’m sorry for them but if I’m crazy I don’t go around to expect everyone to love me and accept me, I try to act ‘normal’and move on with my life…

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