10-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

someone asks hobbies trying doesnt involve alcohol
lisa simpson quickest way hate song ringtone
office kid refuses eat fish replace with cat
i hate boob pics dont send me any
libertarians elitists think can run own life better than government can
applying for fema job mass text memes everyone
safety in numbers 357 44 9mm 12 gauge
me waiting decades republicans do something about tyranny
obama biden bowing saudi arabia iran trump opposite
joe biden ice cream student loans getting drafted world war iii jack
when think for yourself 2023 guns john wick
congress assures nation working tirelessly figure out take advantage of crisis
babylon bee gavin newsom visits xi china more ideas run california
media critics johnson least political experience speaker in history joe biden most

Leftists: Why Can’t America Be More Like Europe?

headline turkey central bank hikes interest rate to 35 percent

Keep spending and printing money…it will be fine. 👌

Definitely Not the Enemy of the People 🙄

lesson subtle mind control doesnt work tell people stop thinking mainstream media

Social Media Posts of the Day

x son having 2 dads immune to yo mama jokes day so ugly husband
x 10 million never listen beyonce song how i live currently
x joe biden want to share economic vision never ending war military industrial complex
x eric swalwell english translation mike johnson chinese

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain educated once took years get over it creativity intelligence school system

Message of the Day

message dont grow when things easy when we face challenges

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