10-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont know finkle is einhorn costume ace ventura
kangaroos pockets instead of kids got puppy
family looking me rehab commercial comes on
snow in october premature decorations you know who you are
dear will smith and jada take us out of group chat
parents in 30s house 6 children now milk bread never financially recover
abolish state dont have pick side endless wars
minimum wage 20 hour ai ordering assistant food
biden admin showing terrorists across border joker it
biden problem with dog iran well trained hamas
every entertainer on social media support israel or hamas
babylon bee smoke rises capitol congress resumes setting taxpayer money on fire
buy congressman donations 30 dollars dollar general

Standard Operating Procedure of Mainstream Media Drive-Bys

x fact checker news anti pray well distortion

Cherry-picking statements to distort and destroy are used daily by MSM to demonize whoever goes across the Ruling Class narratives. The basis of nearly every person or article branded as “anti-vaxxer” can be traced to such selective reporting. MSNBC and CNN used this technique throughout the Covid hysteria. For example, if you gave 20 tips for improving your immune system that included taking a Zinc supplement, the headline would be something like “Anti-Vaxxer’s spread ‘misinformation’ of Zinc curing Covid.” From the tweet shown above, you can bet Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, etc. would bring on panels of “experts” to rail against the religious nuts advocating prayer over “science.” In the case of written news sources and social media posts, most people read little beyond the headline, so the demonization is easy and effective.

wake up son media full of liars government thieves dont trust

Social Media Posts of the Day

x fake news helmet flak jacket cameraman
x tell kids tv guide flee homeland storage container
x only few people evil most are cowards history makes sense
x millenial unprecedented times pineapple under the sea

Quote of the Day

quote pascal ridiculous man right to kill live river quarrel with leaders

Message of the Day

message recliner boat never let stop living best life

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