10-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me warming start irritating people on social media
dog dirty sock cat you win
grinch 2024 agree want to read terms and conditions
starbucks customer can still taste coffee
saw sign we treat you like family not going there
reminder story robin hood not steal from rich government taxes back to poor
government would never do that starter pack tuckeegee mockingbird mk ultra northwoods
milgram experiement participants complied unethical commands obey
post something government watchlist followers commend proud community
liberals enlist fight joe biden wars dont fight people voted for trump
ap associated press word guide terrorists militants misspelled
try tiktok china will spy fbi computer
halloween green house no lights natural gas trick or treating
babylon bee baseball briefly exciting turns into football tackle

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kids costumes face covered learning
x stressful meeting new people 3 mental illnesses trenchcoat
x when rome fell circuses to distract
x just reminder keystone pipeline would have been completed pumping oil

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Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 9

Quote of the Day

quote a bigs life puny little ants outnumber keep in line stand up

Message of the Day

message stop recent culture people offended expect us give a fck

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