10-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat horror story cat sized halloween costume
hammerhead shark costume halloween offended
kid which phone love taking instragrams what to eat
breaking bad carcinogenic compounds vegan soybean taste like burger
joe biden costume how get up steps
babylon bee halloween congress all same costumes
big pharma why so many young people mental health problems
facebook are how concerned free thinking report
e girls irs coming for onlyfans income tranformed ron paul
joe biden handed out more assault weapons american history afghanistan terrorists
trump middle east peace deals biden kamala simpsons watering
democrat costume hand over money gas rights straws free speech
george w bush shadow mound 20 more years middle east war
how im dealing bidenomics halloween vending machine trick or treat
hocus pocus politicians crafting bill more power not intended help
joe biden iran dressed costume bring cash
anthony fauci costume most prolific mass murdered history spirit halloween

Social Media Posts of the Day

x held up grocery line apple watch elderly future boy
x going as republican congressman halloween spine removed balls cut off
x wife mad at husband usb mouse online games

Lesson of the Day

lesson conspiracy theory roots cia document weapon journalists academics

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Quote of the Day

quote rand paul want government to be so small no influence for sale

Message of the Day

message sign this too shall pass kidney stone

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One thought on “10-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Every bill is carefully crafted to give more power to government while not helping or even hurting the people it claims to help. They aren’t crafted by witches, but bottom feeders in suits, and they aren’t crafted in secret, but out in the open to show the American people just how much contempt they have for all us of and how little they care about all of us.

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