11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kangaroo delivery pouch soda can
dig no complaints barking after horns kids
husband not in there wife find hit you with it
apple text contact nothing sketchy not my drug dealer
cat fish bowl piranha pet shop wood legs
welcome back class substitute speaker house johnson
kid 5 minute recess 9 hour school brain numbing pills telling gay pyle
biden promises americans die wwiii dont repay student loans
biden 50 years politics smudge crime spree
democrats no debates dean phillips kill democracy to save it
joe biden business hunter just middle man office whiteboard
rocky horror picture show used to be halloween after midnight now biden cabinet
babylon bee ufc partnership nud light shed gay image

We Peasants Are Doing Just Fine! Only the Wealthy Are Suffering from Bidenomics. 👌

From the same financial network that told you printing trillions wouldn’t cause inflation…

headline cnbc recession began only for rich

Social Media Posts of the Day

x summer winter clothing morning afternoon
x nervous flying metal temperatures speed
x just get trump out open border inflation arresting political opponents wwiii
x james woods zelensky ukraine 223 million per day biden
x what happened september 12th nikki haley

Reminder to Those Who Still Use This Lame Line

reminder trust the science coercion censorship faked data cherry picking fear

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell people talk about change dogmatically set in ways other people

Message of the Day

message social media big brother is here and we invited him

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