11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

millennials boomers gen z generation x comparison
being strip searched cops dancing
break out fancy lingerie sponge bob
disney dad most expensive day ever
crocodile dundee not a charger ev dodge
babylon bee public school not doing anything bad kids cant check
woke awakening fact tuition alumni donations not wise israel
dear black friday we all have big screen tvs put groceries on sale
government deploying climate change activists making you pay for it

It Will Be Fine. Everything is Fine. 👍

cnbc treasury borrowing next 6 months

I remember reading in history books criticism of Ronald Reagan exploding the national debt. Never mind he inherited an economy with double-digit inflation & unemployment, with mortgage rates over 18 percent, and never mind the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. The debt is used to try to paint his 8 years as a failed presidency. In the entire 8 years he was in office, the U.S. accumulated about the same debt Biden will be adding in the next 6 months, and even that’s based on optimistic revenue numbers and a lack of more “emergency” spending bills. Not only will mainstream media continue to ignore the exploding deficits, they’ll bring on “experts” to explain how the resulting inflation couldn’t have been predicted, and it’s not that bad anyway. 🙄

mainstream media journalism class put head up ass

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bartender sucks blame yourself
x biden climate czar flailing ev company dependent taxpayer handouts
x south park destroys disney over woke casting right as snow white delayed

Don’t Expect an Apology

ny post systemic racism faked research data

So many of the common narratives in academia and mainstream media are based on faked or poorly-constructed research. A single fake story or research study is just the start of the problem, as they’re often cited and re-cited in secondary sources, starting an endless chain of false information that build a mythology accepted as fact by non-critical thinkers.

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain lie can travel halfway around world truth putting on shoes

Message of the Day

message sign common sense least common of senses

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