11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

start morning smile positive attitude
gift order confirmed dead mouse delivery instructions drop on pillow
how far clocks set back new beatles single ai
husbands brain wifes train tracks
palpatine politicians i love democracy republic unlimited power
son mother concerned college changed i heart hamas
shining too early all i want for christmas is you
babylon bee reporter we may never know hamas wants sign
1960s ladies no tattoos nose rings green hair penises
michelle obama hillary clinton gavin newsome waiting biden liars
liberal racist movie black guy villain victim killing
blm terrorist lives matter blame israel support hamas
babylon bee neighbors hillary clinton dead body decorations halloween

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet food blog more two sentences ordering pizza
x montreal speaking french bonjour jig up
x trip grocery store twice as much poorer quality
x jfk oswald ruby recruit use kill patsy
x salon maga christian bigger threat than hamas

Modernized Money-Laundering

ftx democrats ukraine tax money donors
epstein youll be ok sam bankman jail cameras ensure safety

Quote of the Day

quote james madison no nation preserve freedom continual warfare

Message of the Day

message freedom of speech more important fragile social justice

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2 thoughts on “11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Salon article MAGA and Christian nationalism. The TV show, “Irrational” tried to blame 9/11 on Christian nationalism. Wasn’t even part of the plot. Just pure propaganda.

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