11-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist one step into my mind terrible situation trailer park boys
catnip dispensary sweet release leave a meeting
kermit grocery store prices thanksgiving spaghetti
thought done popping feed hilarious not so fast laughs
democrats do something about biden approval not inflation crime debt border
kramer whats going on jerry conspiracy theories
when someone blocks me 20 other accounts
flower environment activists climate change yachts airplanes
us government billions fund war pothole dont have money
us foreign policy nutshell dont want us there so were going frank costanza
babylon bee california newsom wage increase pay products more expensive
hamas tunnels american universities death jews israel

Social Media Posts of the Day

x post constitutional society federal government no legal boundaries rulers
x kid called gay xbox straighter than pole mom dances on
x hillary clinton teaching columbia how to get away with murder
x trump wrecking ball destroyed multiple gop dynasties de facto democrats uniparty

Quote of the Day

quote trusell some phoneless fool waterfall unaware how angry scared supposed to be

Message of the Day

message if afraid wrong person being president mean any has too much power

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One thought on “11-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The SOLUTION to EVERY societal problem is to strip government of power, for they and their excess and abuse of power are at the root of EVERY problem.

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