11-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

teenager refused event tickets left home took router instead
satan boyfriend red flags can change him
tshirt drinking will continue economy improves
coin jars swear telling didnt ask government corruption
mommy man or woman democrat
side with corporate media bill gates pharma resistance princess bride that word
usa atm ukraine israel hamas weekend
first contact aliens please abduct california
babylon bee americans who cowered government oppression urge ukrainians die for freedom
democrat woke baby i support hamas denial delivery
democrats love people in masks hamas antifa covid
sam bankman government how corporate media portrays government sketch artist

Government Inefficiency Explained in One Quote

government no consequence poor work ethic no reward good no motivation

Trump’s Greatest Accomplishment: Keeping This Sociopath from the White House

heifman 27 year old hillary clinton liar corrupt fired

Message of the Day

bart simpson chalkboard government is the enemy

Social Media Posts of the Day

x never learn from others mistakes let wooden horse in
x text me we need to talk yes we do stressed
x karen not name earned rank no babies
x nashville shooter manifesto ideologies led hate white people

Only Release Enough Info to Fit the Narratives

nbc news headline man dies hitting head israel palestinian rallies

Quote of the Day

quote wilde most people are other peoples thoughts

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One thought on “11-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Not only the enemy, but the greatest evil ever created by man. The root cause of nearly all other evils (well, certainly the exploitation of all of those evils).

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