11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign not old sign really expensive
sad dog dont know going through but same
girls boys after sex restarting shutting down
civil war about to start dont like any of the sides
society turning dial 1984 close to 1776
what media sees big dogs small demon reality
satan hillary masks schwab soros gates
we are all conspiracy theorists now look at me
office whiteboard democrat threat to democracy thread to corrupt bureaucracy
mayorkas magoo dont see a problem at the border czar
drone bombing children only cool when obama did it
liberal rebel stick it to the man arm health pass ukraine
1992 2020 ar-15s i did a journalism
media blood white house free palestine mostly peaceful protest

By All Means, Let’s Continue Giving Billions to This Snake 🙄

headline zelensky irresponsible hold elections
x zelensky cancelled elections killing arresting political opponents

Social Media Posts of the Day

x silly putty existence serious c4
x offended 2000s long enough ago acceptable party theme
x us department of education founding world ranking fall
x which keeps left up at night hamas old lady jan 6th
x new york times jewish man killed palestinian

Quote of the Day

quote matrix most people not ready to be unplugged hopelessly dependent system

Message of the Day

message anything government gives to you taken from someone else

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