11-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thanksgiving outfit drunk ready to talk politics
cancel appointment charge me bill for waiting hour
turkey hire grinch steal thanksgiving
baby yoda dog laughing cat talked neighbor
soda machine laughing wwiii memes kind of worried
just do it cutting off surveillance cameras
i dont know why im so unhappy starter pack diet exercise cnn politics tiktok no sun
geico saved taxpayer money not funding foreign wars dont affect usa
republicans scared removing one penny federal budget
americans right to privacy nikki haley taking
thank you not wearing mask subservient common sense
sign san francisco homelessness drugs pooping continue nov 19
newsome cleaning streets san francisco citizens no communist dictator yes
superman clark kent flu covid missing
babylon bee communist dictator welcomes president xi china gavin newsom

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet more burnt out realize check engine light
tweet sex beautiful stranger not ugly friend in love 8 years
x understand teachers unions oppose school choice business owner compete

Quote of the Day

quote aristotle matters of conscience law majority moral duty what is right

It’s Fine. Everything Is Fine. 👍

x cost of national debt refinanced trillions

I know, as the mainstream media tell us, it’s a “far right” position to want a balanced budget, but the federal deficit & accumulated debt should be the #1 national issue we are fighting. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Increased Taxes. As the debt continues to explode out of control, you can bet there will be more calls for tax increases, and not just on “the rich.” Watch for proposals such as a national sales tax and a value-added tax, plus additional fees on guns, gas, junk food, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and virtually anything else they can con voters into supporting.
  2. Inflation. New taxes won’t nearly be enough though, which means the only choice will be to print money and further devalue the dollar, meaning even more inflation.
  3. Increased Government Size = Less Freedom. Whenever government spends more, it grows in size. In other words, more bureaucrats, more agencies, more regulations, etc.–all leading to less freedom.
  4. More Interest = Less Money for Everything Else. As the above tweet illustrates, interest will increasingly consume available funds. Pick any area where you think money should be spent–defense, education, health care, roads, etc.–all will have less money available.

Maybe we should pay a little more attention to those crazy, “far right” politicians who mention it as an issue.

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson all scary things because of state

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  1. For a long time, I have been visiting this site. It’s the first site I open every day.
    Thank you, sir, for the fun memes, and excellent editorials.
    For most of my career, I have worked at several nuclear power plants as an operator, project manager, and project controls engineer. I have worked on nuclear cleanup jobs for defense sites at Hanford and Oak Ridge.
    I’m happily retired.
    If you have questions about nuclear related topics, I will be happy to discuss the subject.
    Ted Long

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