11-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog cat wagging tail knocking off mugs
sign learned so much mistakes making more
tunnel crash thats not it her.jpg
sign sale turkey skinny tee tshirt
what childless couples do sleeping in cash
what radicalized you subway 5 dollar footlong price now
me browsing black friday deals my empty wallet
dog overexited treat beer dont say spell
angry lady smudge cat irs thieves
me skeleton waiting for republicans do anything meaningful for country
israel ukraine aid package americans thanksgiving ramen noodles
lisa simpson men greater things harder to see boobs
apec street sweepers san francisco no drugs filth
news media racist white murderers dozen people fight boy dies
republicans democrats us budget sinking debt democrats shoot more holes

Social Media Posts of the Day

x vivek us citizen fails audit pentagon
x how brutal communist dictator greeted san francisco parade chinese flags
x manifesto leaked 7 months later shows control over narrative
x misogyny women failed turn out for the marvels disney
tweet good luck sending mixed signals direct ones
x nikki haley war authoritarian hack girl power

Quote of the Day

quote safron best way control people divide ideological groups

New Meme Gallery Added

Libertarian Meme Gallery 7

Message of the Day

message teach child self educate grow food taxation is theft thnk critically

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