11-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pessimists see glass win half empty optimists opening another bottle
quitting job ask why pursue my dream of not working here
idea can save lots of money black friday not shopping black friday
raise hands who wants workers experience provide it
anything exists government has to be tax for that
exercise warmups liberty memelords cyberbully totalitarian politicians
greed government pile cash lower taxes
desks palestinians not china uyghurs support
bibi israel reasonable limit destruction biden give it a rest
black friday special grocery prices when trump president
hamas how dare israel attack civilians kids shield
circular arrows girl power movie men women dont watch
gambling board who had liberals supporting bin laden for november
ros cant criticize me im jewish puppet adl democrats hamas dark money

ADL: “We’re Not Anti-White!”

adl definition racism privileges white people

Another “Follow the Science” Flashback

wood cubes restaurants cubes

Social Media Posts of the Day

x larry fink blackrock pfizer china xi dinner
x work exponentially better do not reply banner email
x daily mail boy hanged bullied for being white
x consensus view mainstream liberals democracy cant function people down like participate

If Only There Was Some Kind of Pattern 🤔

biden early warnings fascism speech media opponents

Quote of the Day

quote crossed 90 miles shark infested hurricane escape free market capitalism no one ever

Message of the Day

message governments funded by force they intend to do things would otherwise refuse to fund

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