11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

watching airline passengers 20 minutes queue for reserved seats
gonna tell kids ken barbie joe dirt
sometimes first step forgiveness other person is an idiot
decades work reach middle class inflation nope
grandkids ask for help 2020 history homework
guys if want to play on girls team fully committed scissors
class passing notes private sector everything government better cheaper
clown makeup lose my house paycheck inflation retirement vote blue no matter who
patient its maam dr you have testicular cancer
hamas massacres israeli civilians attacks cease fire free palestine
retailers locking up items glass stealing everything except criminals
then 60s feels good do it now not prosecuted steal it
babylon bee xi scarecrow so keep california clean
greta thunberg save the planet destroy the jews
forrest gump snoop dogg stop smoking stoners following

Don’t Fall for These Fake, Planted Stories

epps pelosi fake jan 6th calls

As I’ve said before, fake stories that are easily-debunked are intentionally planted, so that when you share them on social media, you can easily be portrayed as a crazy conspiracy theorist. Google and other search engines can also use them to manipulate their algorithms, which are mathematically adjusted based on their interpretation of authenticity.

Ask whenever you read a post if it passes the smell test. To me, this is as believable as Jussie Smollett’s “This is maga country” attack. Critical thinkers know that Ray Epps was likely a Fed who helped instigate events on January 6th, and we know Nancy Pelosi falsified much of the information given to the public so the day could be used as a political weapon. By planting this phone-calls story, they kill two birds with one stone. Discussing supposed calls between the two, which can easily be disproven, makes it simple to portray any discussion of either of the two slimebags as nothing more than nutbag conspiracies. Get the picture?

Social Media Posts of the Day

cnn far right milei argentina peso

Argentina inflation hits 124% as cost-of-living crisis sharpens

x media matters david brock dc politics
x zeroing in unpaid taxes owed irs
x zuby sleep well never advocated taking human rights last 3 years
gaming nasser censoring word ass made worse

Message of the Day

message cant suffer past future dont exist memory imagination

Quote of the Day

quote durant great civilization destroyed within morals trade despotism taxes wars

Fundamental Lessons Everyone Should Know

lesson milgram asch experiments authority conform social pressure

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One thought on “11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. cnn aka Pravda of the demonrat party, just can not stand that people are fed up with the corruption on government. They want the old failed system to continue as they know if government ever is cleaned out, they lose any and all voice in who gets elected. That’s why they lied about President Trump and continue to do so. The main stream media is a cancer on America and around the world.
    We need to start making laws on the press that will hold them to account. No more cherry picking and editing content to be bias one way or the other. News clips should be UN-doctored. Maybe a disclaimer is needed through out a news cast or print. We no longer have any real journalist, just propagandist for the marxists party who if they ever got their wish would be the first to go. They have done more damaged to this country with the lies they spread about anything conservative. There needs to be consequences to their lies and such. Big time lawsuits and damages for what they do to people with their lies.

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