11-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thanksgiving thankful family takes eating as seriously as i do
thanksgiving gross bird cat turkey
dog cat supposed to say youre thankful for humans thankful for you
i never skip turkey leg day
not letting in car saw same right lane ending sign
babylon bee libertarian pilgrims set sail argentina in search better life
evil kermit at thanksgiving table ask who they voted for
thanksgiving meals trumponomics bidenomics turkey soup can
pig removed thanksgiving eating all deviled eggs
happy thanksgiving checking phone escape family
green technology works engine gas lawnmower
dog wife close mouth friends nobody needs an ar15
frog ate too much thanks giving worth it
no politics thanksgiving dinner serving jan 6th tapes
baby yoda offended by bills cancel how works
babylon bee turkey denied presidential pardon photos jan 6th
bidens jill joe hunter give thanks to china russia ukraine dinner cash

The World Is Beyond Parody

x forbes 3 steps decenter whiteness office mlk assignment

Forbes: 3 Ways To Decenter Whiteness In Your Workplace

Message of the Day

message dont compare your chapter 1 others 20 bezos amazon

Social Media Posts of the Day

x trashy if poor classy rich money from government
x fix sleep schedule eat healthy physically fit mentally strong
x tax the rich instead if help the poor

Quote of the Day

quote dont judge by appearance rich heart poor coat

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