11-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

angry lady smudge cat called black friday mosh pit with prizes
me and family planning stores to hit black friday
black friday youre doing it right walking dead circle
husband saw someone looks like you was she hot trap
sign be cart returner see in the world
people walmart aisles go down carts blocking
brain size believing media scary stories lie finding humor pathetic attempt manipulate
tip gas pump shutting down tip economy
liberal soviet cuba crisis us embargo communist cant succeed without access capitalist nation
schwab wef world economic forum tax dollars freedoms save planet
biden 10 billion iran perine wealthy donors antisemitic universities
who radicalized far left npc liberal brainwashed to think radical
zelensky more money nato destroyed terms acceptable
theres a hamas command center under irs building

Social Media Posts of the Day

x mom want for christmas gifts kids happy vacuum
x corporate america unlimited pto afraid to use it
tweet teenager gaming system christmas stocking full job applications

Mainstream Media – “We’re Balanced, Independent-Minded Thinkers”

google headlines mainstream media far right netherlands elections

He leads the “Party of Freedom!” 😱 That clearly means he’s selfish and crazy! Oh, he’s also white and advocates for his own country; i.e. “White Nationalist!” 🙄

modern leftists political compass everything far right

Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 9

Quote of the Day

quote tucker carlson anything not allowed asked questions should be

Message of the Day

message governments spreading disinformation not private citizens

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