11-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign winter conditions drive with cake last
sign people mistaking wows for compliments
hooters owls restaurant not what expecting
shes in other room waiting apology playstation beeps
baby yoda managing weight holidays batteries our of scale
me sitting down coffee discuss liberal what rights violate gun ski cap
signs global warming world ending 2020 2030 2040
behind the mask green new deal biden xi china
biden ceasefire in hamas language interpreter reload
boris johnson half of you are arent antisemites
hello argentina still accept refugees fleeing communists
world war i ii iii guns camera cash
argentina arizona vote counting democrats stop asking questions
fbi federal bureau of insurrections riots

Flashback Reminder to All of You Who Still Vote Blue

3 years ago arrested eating with family thanksgiving

Social Media Posts of the Day

x mentally trapped in saw bathroom
x new glasses ant glare lenses wife doesnt work
x definitely future tv had in mind google every movie which streaming service dvd

Quote of the Day

quote kennedy american people tired traitor racist dont agree presidents woke socialist agenda

Message of the Day

message honestly fck your stupid laws leave me alone

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