12-05 Politically Incorrect Daily


Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats knocking off elf on shelf christmas spirit fireplace
gecko dress pet bonding hates you
relate to plant not dead just how look
book how to form opinion something not read politicians vote on bill
Illuminati bored other hoaxes start alien invasion
media listen 84 year old biden top of game 24 hour ready
man mountain not interested meaning of life how still vote biden
x clip weather channel founder john coleman climate truth bomb
people discussing world events havent seen meme fck talking about
biden admin red line gaza tank israel pause
sign your organic deodorant is not working
babylon bee experts will be sad stop listening to them
2030 financial advisors waiting for tip lost half of net worth

Social Media Posts of the Day

x girlfriend basketball tv walked away toddler
x daycare half my income new virus every week
x flashback musk leaving democrats dirty tricks called

Quote of the Day

quote 2pac fcked up people judged real loved being fake

Message of the Day

message reminder adopting pet scared boring olde frail need you

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