12-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

arizona fry egg sidewalk wisconsin frozen
cars kindergarten never learning single file merge it shows
lawyer ever offended screaming woman white cat entitled compensation smudge
google website dont want to know mr incognito
king of the hill cult throwing money fix public education
doorbell bidenomics salesman kids mother
reading story kids misfits liberals became fascist propaganda peddlers
jesus how think look sharing truth really look crazy
drug free keep job welfare food stamps
inflation reality forbes cnbc msnbc atlantic your fault
government enough weaponry annihilate life on earth upset me 30 rounds rifle

Social Media Posts of the Day

x casino counting cards ask to leave arbitrary decisions fine
x blurring j6 tapes faces federal agents
x hunger games divergent sided with resistance fiction oppression reality
x gavin newsome crisco highest poverty gas income tax homelessness

Fight for American Citizens and Free Speech – Two Things Biden Will Never Do

x spacex investigation hiring americans musk bought twitter jordan

Random Thoughts of the Day

The perception in much of the world today–especially in education, the media, and the entertainment industry–is that conservatives are stubborn and close-minded. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, almost all conservatives at some point in their lives were wide-eyed liberals, constantly learning and changing, wondering “Why not?” for what turned out to be overly simplistic solutions to world problems. However, life experience and painful lessons accumulated over time brought them to the views they currently hold. Sure, they believe there are no doubt times when things need to change, but the default view should be to go with the tried-and-true until it becomes obvious why change is necessary. Many of the core principles we live by–free speech, family, capitalism, punishment to fit the crime, personal responsibility, etc.–are the result of thousands of years of accumulated wisdom. If anything, liberal ideas should be viewed with skepticism. The default view should be, “If this is such a great idea, why has it failed in the past?” and “Why is this so different from the norms of generations?” For example, if communism and open borders are such great ideas, why hasn’t every nation on Earth embraced them? And why is that nations who have have all perished soon after?

As for the stubborn description of conservatives, why does this apply when you’re simply adhering to a long proven belief. For example, if you’ve heard 500 diffferent politicians promise to reduce government spending, and 500 of 500 have reneged on that promise, is it “stubborn” and “close-minded” to doubt the next politician who says it? If 100 percent of the government offices you’ve dealt with your life have been inefficient and wasteful, is it “stubborn” to be against the creation of a new one?

Maybe, just maybe, those stubborn, close-minded conservatives are simply using their critical thinking abilities and should be sought out for their wisdom, instead of viewing them as close-minded fools with their arms folded, who simply are holding back so-called progress. Maybe they simply want to prevent mistakes that by now we should have learned from as part of forming strong core principles & values.

rule book for conservatives vs liberals anything goes
university creates office diversity inclusion wont let conservatives speak on campus interesting

Quote of the Day


Message of the Day

message person who trusts no one once trusted someone too much

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  1. NPR once challenged Churchill’s quote by putting one of their reporters on who was a conservative in her youth and a liberal in her middle age. I’m not sure how putting on someone with neither a heart nor a brain refuted his quote, but that’s NPR for you.

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