12-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

santa reindeer dasher got better gig doordash
joker it clowns me giving friend mental health advice should be in asylum
sharks go about business not being tracked phones
if government not doing anything wrong nothing to hide declassify everything
offended by posted thats what i do
peanuts die hard linus john mcclain spoke yippie kai aye gruber fell from the tower
office whiteboard voting guy most indictments deep state uniparty traitors
your post against community standards jill biden drag omar
scientist then explanation understand world now narrative get paid pharma sponsor
munich dubai climate change plane carbon footprint in the snow

Social Media Posts of the Day

x pulled neck muscle speed bumb adult sht
x realize most profitable enterprises war illness where its going
x influential free speech tucker carlson elon musk dana white gfy breitbart

Quote of the Day

quote picasso meaning of life find purpose give it away share

Message of the Day

message dont need 38 rounds hunt 2nd amendment deer were coming

Thug in a White Coat

The term “thug” is often applied to bullies, gang members, and other brutal criminals. However, it is rarely applied to the so-called respectable, civilized members of society. Maybe it should be. What is a thug after all but someone who uses his position of strength to intimidate and bully people who don’t have the power to fight back. There is perhaps no person in history for which the term applies better than America’s Josef Mengele–Dr. Anythony Fauci. His heinous actions go way beyond spreading Covid lies on TV. For 4+ decades in government, he was nothing more than a thug in a white coat. He used his position of power and monopoly control over government funding to intimidate, censor, and destroy anyone in the medical/science field who went against him. He carefully crafted one-sided explanations & treatment plans of everything from AIDS to Covid that could NOT be challenged. Any scientist who voiced any alternative opinions or who, perish the thought, developed alternative solutions, found their funding cut or their careers blacklisted. Of course, mainstream media and Big Tech only made his job easier. Read RFK’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, if you want to learn more. Politicians love to talk about Law & Order–putting criminals behind bars–but rarely is there ever discussion of punishing the most despicable criminals in history, for the simple reason they wear a suit or a white coat instead of a hoodie or gang bandanna.

fauci crimes against humanity gain of function masks schools closed work done
office fauci joseph mengele same picture
fauci so we had a few biolabs in ukraine
x best way stop next pandemic arrest people started first one

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