12-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

calvin hobbes snowman cannon noose traffic slowed
every picture tells story boobs eye patch poke
cats love what youve done with place decorations christmas
gun cash theft irs robbing still theft
public school 2+2=5 home school volume dad way too easy
prayer government please save us from problem u created
influencer dont know how to use roman numerals clock
joe biden graphy inflation bike quit complaining going downhill now
streisand de niro gaga celebrities leaving trump 2024
me trying to make small talk who know klaus schwab is
biden two state solution red blue usa
judge engoron circus clown court trump seriousness
woke disney empire strikes back elon x free speech
babylon bee hunter biden indicted not paying taxes on bribes

Proven with Double-Blind Controlled Studies, I’m Sure 🤔

headline common fart killer blot clot disorder

Social Media Posts of the Day

x not smartest or prettiest girl most mentally ill
x cyber bullying politicians not illegal public service
x ladies reads texts comply money wallet hes the government

Message of the Day

ironic grocery stores donate cancer 90% sales

Quote of the Day

quote bruce lee surrounded by enemies locked in with me victim mentality

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