12-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

skulls of your enemies more environmentally friendly plastic cups viking
three wise women diapers casseroles wine gifts
christmas tree horror story dragged corpse decorated living room
dudes online dating doesnt work profile intercourse loght housekeeping
biden electric car policy ev charging car hitching ride
universities misgendering violence kill jews protected speech
by the power of white girl offended on your behalf minorities
century fighting womens rights 2023 celebrated have penises
democrats please make biden drop out 2024 pin
dressing up like team mascot chiefs no woman yes
shrek gingerbread man no money pulling legs
un climate change conference shift clean energy sure thing gulf opec

Social Media Posts of the Day

x feeling old parents push buttons 16 again
x good email from every store bought from ever
x fbi agent cia egil social media commit acts of terror

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Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell magic formula gain power money installments freedom

Message of the Day

message understand solutions created problems how evil these people are

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