12-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

want to be villain darth vader never runs heroes
seinfeld run deer branch cracks 2 ton truck coming
eagles call potential fraud
office holiday parties die hard gruber
dennis the menace mom scale golf words weight
charles joe biden blame peasants inflation spending money
musk top of billionaires list trillionaires paid not to be on list
dc trump drain swamp democrats rinos dictator wars censorship corruption lawfare
lotr ring cast constitution destroy it democrats republicans ok
kid told santa democrat go easy on stuff i did naughty
how socialists think capitalism and socialism work actual people poor rich
jerry people original stories bit remakes popular movies
january 6th jussie smollett of insurrections change my mind

You’re Role Models, Whether You Like It or Not

x patrick mahomes yelling refs end of chiefs bills game

I’m tired of hearing sports commentators shake off temper tantrums and poor sportsmanship with excuses like, “Oh he’s such a competitor!”, “He just wants to win so badly!,” etc. You’re a role model for millions of kids whether you like it or not. I don’t care who you are — show some class and sportsmanship! Coaches that let these tantrums go unpunished are doing no favors to the team or any young people watching.

driving behind kadarius toney this morning off sides

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet christmas donation family members therapist
x write message halfway through fck it they dont care delete
fb christmas tip empty boxes tree child throw fireplace anakin skywalker

Quote of the Day

quote spinoza want present different from past study history

Message of the Day

message same people dont judge all muslims hamas white people are racist

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