12-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

doctor get healthy cut the carbs bicycle pizza cutter
sign tequila makes everything better except tomorrow
sign chinese restaurant cat purrrfect
smudge going to be nicer next year false information fact checkers
ask her sit big weiner couch
rules for us break jail government constitution nothing
babylon bee ohtani hitting coaches second thoughts
sign road cousin eddie twitters full put the phone away
when ex appears facebook cross exorcism
driving facemask other phobias free speech capitalism biology weather
disney new star wars movie focused on rey luke fans throwing away
just relax mommy daddy santa plate of brownies left out
babylon bee courageous dissident reads banned books section barnes noble

Bidenomics Aftershocks Continue

average mortgage payments bidens america

Yet another cost to Americans that isn’t factored into CPI inflation measures is interest. Monthly mortgages, which are usually the largest expense for citizens, have gone up 90+ percent, almost all of which is consumed by interest! So, instead of building up equity in a real estate asset, the vast majority of monthly cash you spend on your mortgage is essentially being tossed in the fireplace. The same goes for loans on cars, computers, furniture, and other big-ticket items. Also, if you lease something or purchase on “0 percent financing,” the interest cost is simply added by the seller to the principle. In fact, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles demand accountants record part of each payment as interest in their bookkeeping. It’s not just consumers that feel the pain. Businesses feel the effects also in their purchases, which is yet another reason they must jack up prices.

home alone fans speechless kevins grocery store trip today

Social Media Posts of the Day

x hotels reclaim airbnb vrbo kitchenette egg pan
x dogs vet my doctor good boy vs fatter paler
x unbelievable home alone youngest child middle yes forget

Quote of the Day

quote sun tzu can prevent oppenent through defense cannot defeat without offensive

Message of the Day

message best thing worst time life see true colors everyone

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