12-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

getting ready for 2023 season finale
hoa fence block trash can flipping bird
lean too far back christmas lights ladder hans gruber
me spreading christmas spirit wherever i go clark w griswold
why santa has reindeer instead of cats sleigh playing
scale 1-10 trust humanity bike locks shoes
sweater naughty nice on government watch list
know your lanes passing people afford tickets nascar qualifiers speed limit drivers
i have a dream liberals crossing border escape trump presidency
grand theft auto bidenomics biden
simpsons world run globalist cabal wealthy sociopaths heard it media
job interview background check substance domestic abuse harvard diploma
harvard firing black woman why hired
hunter biden fingerprints joe father not involved business

So Happy We Have the Best & Brightest in American Journalism 👍

atlantic turns out debt matters after all

Social Media Posts of the Day

x facebook diversity manager guilty stealing 4 million
x fauci i am religion science he who attacks me
x mankind work in december wolves harvest
x typical american household spend additional 11000 same standard living january 2021

Quote of the Day

quote shakepeare idiots governing blind

Message of the Day

message witnessing most intense psychological warfare all time kind mind unbreakable

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