12-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

car license plate nothing draw attention coke dlr
chickens eggnog kids couldnt have done without them
baby yoda get life together not today tomorrow next few weeks
stuff ordered amazon in town people lotr
plate brain releasing one serotonin molecule snack
biden santa claus dumping cash california high speed rail wasted
democrats how to be soviet dictator obama biden pointing trump book
swear to tell the truth whole my truth college professor
santa rudolph energy efficient bulb nose
guns sex toy need it not have it
seen this man zelenskyy scamming elderly man 100 billion
know your suppressors guns free speech mark zuckerberg
harvard president gay biden plagiarism
joe jill hunter biden decency on the ballot trojan horse

Social Media Posts of the Day

x requesting time off rebuild soul job
x husband wife scale 1 to 10 how mich annoy
x how many kids quarter of a dozen
x diversity equity inclusion propaganda racism sexism target class

Gas Prices Dipped Lower?! No Worries, FJB to the Rescue 👍

headline biden finalizes restrictive oil drilling program

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Message of the Day

message lion shown us divide and conquer now unite and build

Quote of the Day

quote hans gruber christmas time of miracles be good cheer

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