12-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

accept mental issues appreciate hilarious sweet deal sunny philadelphia
homer working from home week before christmas
snoopy how to balance on a roof 101 class reindeer
grandpa raising grandchildren own children story
teenager 10 cds penny lying mail
chickens surrender weapons accidents foxes providing security
stomach 400 calories oil chicken vegetables communism
alien my memes newly added innocent fb friend.jpg
button i support government shutdown
biden zelensky weapons deal border asylum deal
2500 bc slaves pay pharaoh 20 percent income 2023 ad us taxpayer
sorry jimmy kimmel cried cancel constitution
democrats when black person has non leftist opinion django
cnn photo of first ar 15 round manufactured
democrats abortion killing future voter base biden app open border policy
biden trump choice colorado supreme court democracy

Social Media Posts of the Day

x made 500000 every day great pyramids usa government borrowing since june
x hockey boring giants knife shoes punch each other
x hate everyone autocorrect host alone for holidays
x eat chocolate advent calendar persist fighter

Message of the Day

message vivek government criminal organization pretending social services

Quote of the Day

quote kurt vonnegut meet saints everywhere decent indecent society

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