12-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

conversation person annoying hiding it my face
never going trader joes tripping talking strawberry
no qr codes yes printed menus
how to wrap gift minutes hours cat
daddy great meme war hell on marxist bastards
basics proud concerned so long image was
offend countries simultaneously english french toast made china
mcconahey deciding which gay sex tape distract epstein client list
achievement unlocked visit 1000 climate change conferences private plane
manipulative parasites usa congress office same picture
scrotus so called ruler of united states
cant possible afford 13 dollar steak five guys fast food twice as much
baghdad bob inflation rate is under 4 percent 2023
trump biden race on your mark democrat judges shoot foot

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bank account countdown to my homelessness
x age 10 20 30 rockstar instrument piano lands on me
x strangest thing for cash loan for school job pay off
x never forget rage against the machine masked show papers wont do what you tell me
x trump escalator 7 years ago republicans bush romney mccain mcconnell mccarthy truth

Message of the Day

message be reason someone believes good people

Quote of the Day

quote kevin home alone tell santa instead of presents just want my family back

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