12-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat poem give me food rule the house merry christmas enjoy dead mouse
face almost festivus airing of grievances baby yoda
frank castanza trying get through last week of christmas serenity now
reindeer santa claus fat eating chiropractor
book deal people cant stand family gathering
babylon bee amazing clairvoyant man guess happen next hallmark movie
fbi searching through phone evidence 60000 memes
8 hour roadtrip family hotel bathtub extension cord
door bureau of imaginary problems climate change division
yay 3 percent raise 10 percent inflation employer
biden attack on national sovereignty humanitarian crisis secure border of ukraine
school kid where plagarism gets you president of harvard depends on the context
liberal quit twitter started letting other side talk
liberal climate change protester santa taxpayer money ukraine weapons
epstein client list condensed hollywood congress
xi un putin remove opponent biden democracy practical joke

Why Do People Continue to Fall for This Shit? 🙄

x hodge twins trump haley vp cbs

CBS reported it, so it MUST be true, right? They would never make up a story about Trump, or rely on “anonymous” sources?! 🙄 Seriously, folks, don’t fall for this BS. The Ruling Class is getting desperate in their attempt to push their preferred war-loving, Establishment candidate, Nikki Haley. They know most Trump supporters can’t stand her, so the easiest way to fracture Trump’s base of support is to float insanely stupid stories like this one. Haley has ZERO chance of being Trump’s VP nominee–nothing, nada, zilch! Trump is fully in tune with his base, and the number of times he’s been backstabbed by Nikki Haley is only exceeded by Mitt Romney. Stop with the memes and rants like this ever had a real chance of happening!

x nikki haley vp pence romney clinton hannibal lecter secretary health

Keep Giving Cash to Governments & Universities So These Revolutionary Studies Stay Funded 👍

headline publica new study biological sex gender identity sports

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet desiree pinata beat someth8ng have candy
x know government eat raw cookie dough aswesome not hurt applies to everything
x 7 year old self publishing novel how mean daddy is
x washington post please dont wish merry christmas
x colorado no precedent bidens poll numbers

Message of the Day

quote frank costanza festivus problems with you people going to know about it

Quote of the Day

quote true selfless act always sparks another klaus

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2 thoughts on “12-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Selfless acts spark privilege… you should always do that, why did you not do it yesterday, yada yada.

    A church gave a woman I know some milk for her kids. Later, she demanded it.

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