12-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog sign baby jesus ate not looking forward to second coming
santa yes dear north pole stripper
christmas tree falls no one around sound meow
not grinch stole christmas power gas rent groceries bills
christmas eve carols simon cowell fingernails chalkboard
sign can be own secret santa with prime tequila
christmas prep 2019 2020 2023 mcclain gun
influencers giving money homeless on camera thank me shake my hand
santa trip log banned reindeer electric sleigh charging 4 hours
santa epa cant give lumps coal no one wants electric vehicles
couldnt find carrots snowman grabbed moms drawer
dogs christmas lights expectation reality
santa reindeer stop in detroit ok tires stolen
cat christmas tree ornament service bell theyll come running
baby yoda 1 day of coal 364 days of fun santa take my chances
wife needed santa riding t rex inflatable played it safe

Social Media Posts of the Day

x go to hell holiday season its walmart
x christmas shopping mom trades
x people drunk eggnog terrifying specimens 8000 calories dairy guys

Message of the Day

message every time upset if die tomorrow worth being angry

Quote of the Day

quote white christmas count your blessings instead of sheep

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6 thoughts on “12-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Joe, thank you for your efforts this year, especially the Random Thoughts. Looking forward to next year, an election year, and the jokes/meme’s should ‘warm up’ a bit

    Merry Christmas…..

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