12-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

7am christmas morning who wants bourbon raising hand
darth vader lava lamp from obiwan
cat lions lie on resume but still get the job
get girl knows christmas bazooka rocket launcher
babylon bee clarence angel gavin newsome florida never born
joe biden santa never spoken son hunter business sit on throne of lies elf
reindeer santa electric car long range limitations firing
batteries gift not included
walmart happy festivus doesnt sell poles apologize grievances this may cause
husband who keeps putting neighbors reindeer sex positions
message cat christmas mindfulness living in the present box
husband sign trapped wife hallmark channel
kevin home alone booby trapping house fbi memes

Social Media Posts of the Day

fb seinfeld turket traditional christmas dinner ugly baby
x approaching perfection extremely far away
x reckless give wild birds true love staate

Message of the Day

message santa baby slip some mental stability under the tree for me

Quote of the Day

quote claire scrooged one good thing about regret never too late change tomorrow

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