12-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wife toddler do something dangerous husband yep
cat smudge driving paid it backwards drive thru
kitchen hand job available unsanitary beggars cant be choosers
ancestry.com r2d2 camcorder trash can
air to chip ratio study best local news report
rappers secure your microphone sex toy trunk
hillary clinton voters take trump at his word no one says about her
ny post humans fueling global warming by breathing carbon want to reduce
blink interest rates mortgage comparison 2021 2023
media no evidence joe biden remove trump ballot texts 10 percent whistleblowers laptop
vice bet cnn msnbc mainstream media npc destroy democracy save
climate change windmill ban completely carbon free net zero progress coal
bidenomics lipstick on a pig biden recovery
confused how many insurrections had tour guides

Social Media Posts of the Day

x milei president argentina reduced government 50 percent want for me
x noone false hope parent chore chart
x cnbc 1 in 6 millenials 100000 saved in what world rob myself
x guy owns gun whats wrong with your dck just use intruder
x lack of privacy pharmacy line name birthdate whats wrong with me

Quote of the Day

quote dion stay silent about problem keep peace no chance solved

Message of the Day

message hard times create capitalists good times socialists

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