12-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if titanic this generation rose jack selfie
take life one step at a time icy stairs
woman horses hate my hair products man body wash
football homemade libertarian memes traditional mainstream media
texts picture brother petting rabbit
cant bring water botttle plan bomb okay put in trashcan
joe biden buttons ban opposition candidate criminalize support democracy
when realize leftists politicians social justice environment fabricate globalist superstate
bobby koth leftist friend encourage totalitarian methods used against you
milei you are fascist shrinking government power
going to tell my kids capitol building 666
office whiteboard my pronouns we the people constitution
angry liberal snowman its snow maam

Social Media Posts of the Day

x sacramento bee california lost 25 percent income taxes budget
x 50 years nursing home attendents trans alzheimers patients dcks
x shoutout girls didnt want me poor have money now stll respect the real
x simply beautiful man look past mental illness love me for my boobs
x happy pride trans affirming misogynist parrot bites women

Quote of the Day

quote newman not running sainthood farmer give back

Message of the Day

message if youre going to rattle my cage better make sure im padlocked in it

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3 thoughts on “12-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The insanity of the people who think they can become the opposite sex need a reality check. Man will never become a woman and a woman will never become a man. All they ever will be is a Eunuch. Never ever able to bear or create a child. Never to enjoy sex. Really just a frankenfreak. Not normal. Saying this, I do not care what you do to your own body as an adult over 18, but I will not play your game. Do not tell me I have to call you by your preferred pronoun, much less use the government to compel anyone to do so. Don’t get in my face with your mental illness. You want to be left alone, leave others alone.
    And, I might add, there was a time when they thought lobotomies were the answer to mental illness.
    One last thing, kids/children should never ever be subjected to this insane practice. Anyone who advocates for this should not be around children. Doctors who do this on children should lose their license and go to prison.

  2. Woke

    Let’s say a person thinks he’s Napoleon. Insane. The kind thing to do would be to help him adjust to reality.

    The Left, however, sees an opportunity. Don’t help him, just give him a sword and aim him at an “enemy” they chose for him.

    Manipulation of those broken from reality is the heart of what “woke” is.

    This is why abortion is such a big deal. Talk a 16 year old into an abortion, create a break from reality (you didn’t murder your child, it’s just a clump of tissue) … and create a 36 year old who votes liberal against her own best future.

    Gay rights … Homosexuality was a known mental disease. The left realized they could use this. Call it normal, accuse those still reality-based of having a made-up mental disease, homophobia. Create willing minions who will fight for their insanity.

    Woke is merely the culmination. Push children into insanity, a break from reality. Like having long hair? You must be a girl. Tell them the reality-based people are enemies of their new false identity.

    Hand them a sword.

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