12-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

four stages cup coffee shhh not yet no ok fine talk
broccoli can substitute waiter asparagus not wine for fries
simpsons microsoft word move one image
google definition psychosis government trying to harm you loved ones
princess bride liberals anyone disagreee right wing keep using that word think it means
women burned at the stake dont have penises
hopeless romantic everything reminds me of her paper towel holder
people ask why dont like socialism like to eat
atheists crying satanic statue destroyed
google when use different device when i actually get hacked
liberal crying putin blocking opposition candidate biden democracy
taxpayers major league baseball 700 million

Social Media Posts of the Day

x ny post inject politics ibto jan 6th hearing should be babylon bee
x bullet train newsom san francisco ca homelessness 20 year anniversary
x donald trump hillary disney robot flashback
x should be allowed sports betting other peoples marriages
x yellow phone book hard to believe assassination coordinates
x elephant donkey fight puppet show pick their pockets cheer louder for favorite

Quote of the Day

quote losers quit until they fail winners fail until they succeed

Message of the Day

message dream written down date goal steps plan action reality

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One thought on “12-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The marriage betting thing would be guaranteed to fail. How, you may ask. Simple. Just look at the bride’s social media posts, what she got her college degree in, and her current job. Then use my handy dandy “This is Where She Falls on The Psychosis Scale” and you will be a winner, every time.

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