12-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how was your year wait drink
why women hate checking private messages present dck
december 1 25 festive 26 31 confused day of week cheese
cat 28 days clean catnip washing dishes job
babylon bee father glances from phone teen dangers of technology
eminem new government psyops arent memes looks like a job for me
chatgpt whiich ok hurting white black asian jewish people controversial
false flags not working stage alien invasion star wars imperial
feel old eminem looks like now pence
january 6th trials no covid yes
women noisy japanese well played

Social Media Posts of the Day

x lights out california oil tankers communism
x murder mystery detective champagne extra murdered candlestick
x dads hate stopping road trips worked to get ahead
x cars buttons ceiling garage millennium falcon

Message of the Day

message crowd yes you are all wrong

Quote of the Day

quote bruce less pain will leave done teaching you

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