12-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

new years eve brace yourself first hangover
not totally useless used bad example
women admit wrong apologize cant breathe oxygen
dont want to know what happened dentures rubber
car writing not from california this is a rental license
me looking mental breakdown stories years
hardest to say i love you conspiracy theorist friend right
christmas vacation forefathers overthrow tyrannical government
gay trans couple just be left alone family
socialist dream happy reality bread lines
free health care plan taking my money forcing me buy admits
remember meme dealer get through tragic year
babylon bee democrats covert election plain sight rigging

Social Media Posts of the Day

x scammers tone it down million dollars pizza social security number
x young naive something good happens now bad i hope thing at least funny
x boys raised by single mothers teachers female toxic masculinity not problem lack of is
x 90 percent republicans democrats leveraged bought foreign entities

Quote of the Day

quote friedman central fact free marke exchange both parties benefit

Message of the Day

message dont see protests trade schools

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