01-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

new year new mental issues
start of weight loss jouney bike broken pedal
sign drive same energy pulled out in front of
paid 12 month gym membership bank credit card stolen
aliens cat teach make other species servants
mild winter mother nature body slam saving up
babylon bee life age 35 endless cycle dieting back pain
irs disappointed parent company services refund
eating something expensive calculating how much each bite is
celebrity politician leave usa trump elected
2024 your year billionaires doomsday bunker
javier milei bankers unions government employees hate

Standard Operating Procedure – Pull This Kind of Shit During Holidays When Americans Aren’t Paying Attention

x biden doj not pursuing bankman trial

Biden DOJ will NOT Pursue Second Trial Against Sam Bankman-Fried – Democrats ALWAYS Get a Pass

“You Can Totally Trust the Media & ‘Experts'” Flashback

flashback nyt not science politics protesting what

Social Media Posts of the Day

x 40s premenstrul premenopausal just a bitch
x go down stairs beat the escalator right decision
x why called boxers not junk drawers

Quote of the Day

quote rock johnson success better day before adds up

Message of the Day

message grocery store health section what is rest of store

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