01-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

found building next house goa way sign
kardashians 20th season never watching single episode
weight scale have great personality
nfl comeback player year joe flacco hamlin dying playing for jets
cat yarn hard work with do not recommend
what want from government stop helping
cyberbully executive branch homemade memes every time post social media
face you make government wont abuse nsa spying denied existed
me explaining how government works farley car fire crash
internet demand epsteins clients release list
biden border patrol asleep
government protecting us climate change since 1350

Quote of the Day

quote confucius not great failed failure didnt stop

Social Media Posts of the Day

x one day kid find out no 5 piece mcnugget
x worrying things beyond my control where i shine
x blood pressure high kids college drivers license too low doctor
x doj ftx campaign funds laundering

Celebrity/Entertainer Shills for Establishment? Wow! So Brave, Unique, and Rebellious! 🙄

green day boot pfizer big government
2023 rough all of us megan rapinoe green day

Elon Musk pokes fun at Green Day’s performance slamming Trump’s ‘MAGA agenda’

Message of the Day

message good deeds done for intention not attention

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