01-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

texts 2024 going to be unstable unstoppable
checks husband new wife alimony ex
mom want boy or girl back rub
husband car water treats wife returning christmas presents
internet has ruined me hand wash dryer
corporate media how wrap control fear lies omission
alexa feed surveillance state trade privacy convenience
anchorman socialism 100 percent time works 0 percent
biden root cause immigration money votes
send kids to harvard recent hires lightfoot majors cnn
mom homeschooling indoctrinated religion frozen jeremy
saving water bucket inflation leaks
gen z woman embracing large breasts body positivity
mr blutarsky esg score 2023 0.0

Another Standard Distortion Technique of Mainstream Media

x trump epstein list exoneration court notes

Try to find a MSM outlet that spells out the above exoneration of Trump. Instead, since it doesn’t fit their destroy-Trump narratives, they simply mention him as “one of the names” in the Epstein documents without any context. Then, other liberal voices run with it, memes are created, and Trump is branded a pedophile. This kind of BS should be pretty obvious by now, but when you live in an isolated leftist world of MSNBC/CNN/NYT/etc., you never hear the truth or the complete story.

Link: https://twitter.com/ACTBrigitte/status/1742747216240931175

Practical Application of Your Schooling in Slopes and Exponents

x us national debt now 34 trillion exponential growth
x federal usa debt mike johnson clown

Social Media Posts of the Day

x reminder they really did this vax scene dance colbert
x fries come with burger no extra charge with boomers
x health insurance companies teeth luxury bones pay more enjoy
x taylor swft co2 emissions travis kelce visits plastic straw

Quote of the Day

quote captain america gun head every citizen calling it security

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson side censor disarm fascists not shrink state

Lesson of the Day

lesson apple trees elizabeth warren socialism economic redistribution

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2 thoughts on “01-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. And yesterday the most prominent image on Yahoo was of Trump with Epstein. It took hours of nearly every poster blasting Yahoo for their blatant lies and obvious deception before an image that ALSO had Clinton in it appeared.

  2. All morning I have been looking for a meme with De Blazio, Lightfoot, and Stelter as being on staff at the nations “premier” college. I knew meme world wouldn’t let me down.

    Thanks Joe!

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