01-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

angry lady cat smudge in your prayers deliver me from evil
tree fell fence beware of dog sign
whistling noise harmonica truck friend tied
free market solution state pothole aldi
boyfriend on phone fighting meme war antichrist
radical feminists searching for problems progress bar
world economic forum next public health crisis use great reset
boomers gen z y feelings talk bury therapy gen x
democrats power race censorship locking up political opponents republicans tweet about it
old enough nursing home argue wars who give my money to
bill clinton did not have sexual relations john doe epstein
jimmy kimmel john dil doe 107
shopping returns democrats republicans
weekend at jeffreys bill gates bill clinton
gay harvard i have a dream judged not content character color skin

Social Media Posts of the Day

x patiently sat daughter 75 hour story dream daddy
x things meals mom pizza cheese melted carb tears given up
x illegals census california new york illinois electoral votes
x mark cuban mavericks healthcare company board

Quote of the Day

quote koller two ways be rich much desire little

Message of the Day

message most dangerous religion on earth is worshipping government

How-To Lesson on Dealing with MSM Hacks

Link: https://twitter.com/sagesteele/status/1743294598691373119

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2 thoughts on “01-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I’m surprised that MLK Jr. Day is still celebrated. There is ZERO desire among blacks to be judged on the content of their character anymore. The government CANNOT mandate hiring or firing, etc based on character, but they can based on skin color. And let’s face it, content is only going to get you so far…especially if you lack any.

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