01-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog jill cone neck brace bad idea
let niece win mario kart me dale ernhart
successful social interaction normal person ribbon
broke into capitol sure grandma january 6th
likes meeting you in person sees facebook
history in school fall asleep as hobby
who radicalized saw gas prices die hard
someone shows me meme saw two weeks ago dont know who i am
two stages winter december lights january bucket of suck
government lying to you from the beginning protect u citizens
crystal ball 2024 crime riots far left
biden cmon man save democracy removing trump opponent from ballot
california cruise lines 68 billion deficit free health care

Social Media Posts of the Day

x american junior hockey national anthem no blue hair kneeling
x star ways make men uncomfortable at home
x intermittent fasting finish carrot cake
x brain need serotonin puppy nachos shopping online
x brain skin die fat cells eternal life

Message of the Day

message politicians havent been tarred feathered while it shows

Quote of the Day

quote adler follow your heart but take your brain with you

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