01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

congrats team record profits pizza party
texts picture without clothes clothesline
coconut gallop sound bicycle take thy riches
showing up feed 39th tme whats up gangsta superbad
babylon bee jean pierre biden more preserve democracy any dictator in history
hollywood stop online privacy movies so bad wont watch for free
media hawking sexy midget blackboard distraction island
headline bald eagle attacks government drone
biden falling kicks off 2024 campaign china
babylon bee christopher nolan confusing reverse chronological acceptance speech
media npc liberal comedian jan 6th worst attack democracy
taylor greene hunter biden plane cash crackpipe

California On Mission to Put Babylon Bee Out of Business

x california banning youth football

Oh Goodie, a New Censorship Justification Term 🙄

google new adsense sensitive event policy censorship

I wonder what’s happening in 2024 that necessitates another censorship tool? 🤔

angry liberal banning hurtful speech males authoritarian

Social Media Posts of the Day

x rand paul aaron rodgers hollywood liberals narratives
x whoopi view lunatic trump kill journalists gay
x parenting style enough dysfunction make them funny
x trump obama biden illegal encounters graph

Quote of the Day

quote seinfeld too often not that theres anything wrong with that

Message of the Day

message hate taxes more than love roads

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2 thoughts on “01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Even our side has fallen for the language games. It is ILLEGAL ALIENS, not illegal immigrants, undocumented migrants, refugees (okay maybe 5 of the millions) or whatever new term rhey come up with, it is illegal aliens.

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