01-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

school janitor touches trash now steady benefits doesnt require speaking
sponge bob one thing asked kid to do burned in fire
relate to donkey as kid shrek as adult
drowning pool bidenomics rich workong class poor
communism in theory practice mao statue
remember wrestling fake didnt care rachel maddow msnbc
big government corporate america us citizens gun held
chevy truck cybertruck comparison batteries prius repairs
usa boxing guys punching girls dewine
babylon bee doj garland suing texas passing law enforce law
january 6th was a person jussie smollett
star wars like to make men uncomfortable disney
one door closes another opens boeing

Social Media Posts of the Day

x coffee diet coke three beers enough water
x two thruths and lie game regular conversation
x recipe websites revenge dish best served scolling pages
x jimmy kimmel watching rodgers return to macfee show dodgeball

I Wonder Where the “Growth” Is Coming From? 🤔

graph 3rd quarter gdp growth vs budget deficit increase

Message of the Day

message learn from history repeat it teaching intend

Quote of the Day

quote besant someone should do i why not i morals

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2 thoughts on “01-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Never forget that GDP INCLUDES government spending. Just because the numbers look good doesn’t mean they have anything to do with real productivity or prosperity. They may have just stolen a few hundred billion in wealth, either through taxation, deficit spending, or inflation, to get those numbers to look good.

  2. Big gov pointing gun to business might be backwards.

    Big business, WEF, seems to run things. Or at least bribe there way forward.

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