01-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

taylor swift window chiefs dolphins peacock
eating at deficit math is math incredibles
baby yoda seeing dog in public petting human doesnt exist
psa gen x genz dont watch unlabed vhs tapes
do not touch button scientific study
aliens experiment plunder forever from government
americans fishing government taxpayer bucket
trump xi china puppet dunham walter
goldilocks three bears porridge burn whore mouth
democrats razor wire border vote for trump
emperor gavin newsom no one needs gun to protect
joe biden flushing cash down toilet ukraine
2023 rough on all taylor swift cobain
joker people complied government get what you deserve

Social Media Posts of the Day

x me as therapist reminds me meme saw
x husband cute thing asks where new here
x c sharp instagram cookies agreed if else collect user data

Few Humans In History Have Done More Damage to the World

x fauci ny post not convinced kids suffered learning loss
fauci origins covid bat dont recall
x fauci 6 feet social distance rule scientific bases made it up

Message of the Day

message fda approved not scientific business deals made

Quote of the Day

quore einstein relativity applies to physics not ethics

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