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01-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Big Brother Has Decreed You Must Not Hear Trump & Vivek

This is no different than censorship of Covid, global warming, “far right” political/media organizations, and so much more. You’re NOT ALLOWED to hear alternative viewpoints. This is why no matter what happens 40 percent of the country remains brainwashed. They live in a carefully-constructed reality. If you see any tidbits from alternative voices like Vivek and Trump, they will always be clipped out of context and heavily distorted so they can be discredited, attacked, and ridiculed.

The Magic of Compound Interest

If you ever take a finance/investment class, one of things they drill into you is the magic of compound interest. This is the idea that money grows geometrically since you not only earn interest on the intial amount but also on the interest itself. For example, if you have $1000 to start and earn 10%, you end the year with $1100. In year 2, however, you earn 10% on the original $1000 plus 10% on the $100 you made last year. Thus, you make $110 total to compound to $1210. In year 3, you earn $121 in interest, and so on. At the end of 30 years, you’d have $17,449. That’s $16,449 you’ve earned compounded onto your original $1000.

If you add in an additional $1000 savings at the end of each year, your ending amount grows to $181,943! That’s the magic of compound interest. Of course, the annual interest rate makes a big difference. If you only earn 5 percent, instead of $17,449 and $181,943, you’d only have $4,322 and $70,761, respectively, but the same principle holds–the numbers can grow staggeringly large over time. Expanding this example, $1000 initially + $1000 per year at 10% would grow to $1.28 million in 50 years and $14 million over 75 years. Keep in mind, this is only from adding $1000 per year. See the magic?

What is not emphasized enough is that this compounding works the same for debt. If you never pay off the principle, you not only have to pay interest on the original debt but also interest on the additional interest. This snowballs even more when your taking on additional debt outside of the interest due. See any connection to our government? America already is spending over 13% of all expenses on interest alone–more than Medicare and almost as much as defense. Interest costs will easily surpass everything else in a few years. As mentioned in the examples above, interest rate makes a big difference. Consider that Trump refinanced much of the debt when government securities were paying less than 1%. Once those expire, they’ll have to be refinanced at much higher current rates. Check out this graph showing how annual interest paid has grown in recent years to the $659 billion it is now. Notice the slight dip with Trump’s refinancing followed by the monsterous slope upwards through the Biden administration. Unsustainable is not a sufficient enough term to describe the path we’re on.

Pick wherever you think the government should redirect spending–education, the border, social security, national defense, health care, tax cuts, etc.–all will have less money available. At a certain point, the only solution feasible is to devalue the currency even more, meaning hyperinflation. It’s not like this is a new thing. We’ve had plenty of examples from history such as Germany’s Weimar Republic, or more current examples like Turkey and Venezuela. I cannot emphasize this enough–government spending is the #1 THREAT to the future of the United States! Nothing else is even close. The Biden Administration hasn’t tried in the least to rein in spending. If the Republican Party can’t stop this trainwreck, there really is no point to their continued existence.

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  • cnn and the like are not real news organizations. They should not be allowed into any government functions. All they are is just shills for the democrat party. With how they censor,edit and lie, they should be charged with election interference going all the way back to 2016. Far too long have they omitted parts of a story to make a person look bad or edited out the good or whole parts of an interview to change it in order to make a person look/sound bad. These people are just evil nasty and hateful.
    It's high past time to pass laws restricting the free press. If you lie, edit, and defame, then these organization should have to pay a price as well as their anchors. Where are the community notes and warnings on their stories? They sure push it on X and other platforms.

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