01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tarkin apps freezing task manager fear keep in line
wanted stop drinking pub owner family feed
serial killers horror movies homer chainsaw real life flanders
trump give girl backrub falls asleep worst trade deal ever
liberal wifi starbucks password buysomethingotgetout
john kerry stepped down climate czar biden greta sniff
meme lords training cyberbully totalitarian politicians
office comparison alien biden same picture pam
democrats aarows stop authoritarian dictator seek retribution ukraine russia hoax censor j6 indictments
joy reid msnbc support maga trump wig today
fed epps ray insurrection delivered on time
cant predict next war nikki haley fortune teller
trump make life difficult justin trudea already voting for him
wef world economic forum milei sunny philadelphia plate marxism
nikki haley 2024 new hampshire rinos democrat donors

Protect Your Families 😱

babylon bee 9 items liberal must stockpile protect themselves in case trump wins

9 Items Liberals Must Stockpile To Protect Themselves In Case Trump Wins

Social Media Posts of the Day

x not happy single dating deep state liars holding accountable
x doctors appointment follow up crate taken to vet
x comparison thief of joy tattoo bigger
x djokovic get vaccinated chant science ace

Quote of the Day

quote schwab penetrated cabinets government trudeau

Message of the Day

message every law passed another freedom lost

Staged “Insurrection” Update

Link: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1748117563228483869

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