01-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

smart refrigerator facial recognition knows how many times opened
sign murder is not okay weekend plans
avoid drama not scared anger issues jail
processed food companies put natural on label
socialism rings victimhood envy power
record cold shovel inches global warming driveway
ok thousands government employees losing job angry liberal
count sesame street fauci how many boosters infinity
lamar jackson save us from taylor swift superbowl
maybe we start with epstein client list fbi employer batman slap
deepest fantasy covid politicians hanging from a tree
jim jones telling people anthony fauci
texas alamo put ladders back mayorkas
babylon bee la times reporter sign call you racist for food

Social Media Posts of the Day

x duck head underground parking garages intellect passed to kids
x people locked down business worried threats to democracy
x cooler than being liked do what right true convictions rewarding
x jon stewart daily show at last liberal late night host

Quote of the Day

quote orwell liberty means tell people what they dont want to hear

Message of the Day

message toes step on today connected foot asss tomorrow

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